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A Fresh Start was launched because we see a need in the United States: a need for honest, effective and affordable credit repair for the American consumer. Whatever reasons there are for a person’s credit problems, whatever may have happened in the past, we believe that there is no credit problem that can’t be dealt with, no credit score that can’t be significantly raised, no person who should be denied the things they want for themselves and their family because of negative marks on a credit report. We understand that for most people, the world of consumer credit can be a very frightening, very complex place – particularly if you don’t know what you are doing. We want our customers to know that not only are they not alone, but that they have someone on their side.


Led by founder and CEO, Vincent Craven, A Fresh Start has assembled a team of financial and credit consultants, legal professionals and customer care representatives with a total experience of over 50 years in credit repair services. Our team of committed professionals understands the confusing and complex world of consumer credit, and has the experience to tackle even the toughest credit repair problems. Our track record of success in repairing poor credit and raising FICO scores remains unparalleled in the industry.


By some estimates, over 50% of the information contained in credit reports at the three major credit reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion) contain errors, omissions and inaccuracies – causing the victims of these oversights to have lower credit (or FICO) scores than they are entitled to. At A Fresh Start, we work with our customers on a one – to – one basis to challenge the inaccuracies in their credit reports, and have “black marks” removed or amended.

Unlike other credit repair services, we will not promise you that your credit score will go up significantly over night, because it won’t -- and anyone who tells you that they can significantly raise your score overnight is probably trying to cheat you.

Rather, A Fresh Start works at repairing your credit score from the ground up in a systematic and proven effective way which can – and often will – take several months to complete. We challenge, and re-challenge the derogatory marks on our client’s credit reports, and we don’t stop until we have gotten our clients the results that they are entitled to. We contact the credit reporting agencies, and the creditors which have issued negative reports, to get judgments reversed or expunged. We leave no stone unturned in repairing our client’s credit, and provide our clients with periodic updates showing our progress.


At A Fresh Start, your privacy and the security of your information is one of our top priorities. We do not share information with other companies or individuals, and we do not sell or give the names of our customers to any outside agency, including direct marketing agencies or lists. We work only for our customers, and keep all information we are given, or gather, completely confidential.


We guarantee to do everything legally possible to eliminate or amend negative marks on our client’s credit reports, and help raise their FICO scores. We guarantee not to cease our efforts in this regard until the customer is completely satisfied and we have achieved the results we have projected in our initial free consultation. We further guarantee that we will stand by our results, and provide free lifetime support for any credit issue which we have had amended, resolved or reversed.

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